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Why The Discovery Bible?

Because you can now read the Bible Jesus read and…

Uncover the richness of the original languages often missed in the translation process.

See the shades, colors, and depths of Scripture leap from the pages.

Read the Bible through Greek and Hebrew eyes. 

There is no need to memorize a single word of Greek or Hebrew.

Enjoy a 7,000 page devotional lexicon (aka “HELPS Word-studies”).

It is an easy-to-use study tool – lightning fast, and interactive.

And much more!

This is a $999 software made affordable for everyone this month!



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Pricing everyone can afford…

As a Bible ministry our heart’s desire is to make it affordable for everyone.  Following the principles set forth in the Hebrew Scriptures of giving according to one’s ability, we are offering three levels of pricing as a way to afford this $999 software.

The three financial levels of offerings were from the higher to lower end: ox, lamb (Deut 18:3), and turtledoves (Lev 12:8).  Joseph and Mary could only afford turtledoves, yet still in God’s perfect plan (Lk 2:24).

According to the teaching in 2 Cor 8:11-15, those who are able to afford a higher end make it possible for others to give proportionally as explained below.

Help make the $999 software available to those who otherwise could not afford it…

For every purchase of $399 below, 
we will make 4 software copies available at $239 each.

Each time someone reserves and then purchases for $239,
we will make 4 software copies available at $120 each.

Within the first week of your purchase, you are welcome to nominate people for any of the further discounted rates.

In short, no one will be turned away because they can’t afford it. 🙂

Pick the price you can afford.
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NOTE:  For either of the installment options above, a license will be provided for the entire 12- or 24-month period respectively and once the last installment on the final month has been paid, a permanent license will be issued.  (Installments are non-refundable and cannot be interrupted or cancelled.)

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NOTE:  The price plan above applies especially to you if you are a resident of North America, Australia, New Zealand, or any country ranked here after #144.

(If this does not apply to you, please see below!)

Majority World Sponsorship

Residents of majority world countries who buy below automatically get sponsored based on their country’s Gross National Income (GNI).

If you are a resident of a country ranked here from #1 to #126, you will automatically* qualify for a “turtledove” price of $120 USD by clicking the button above.

If you are a resident of a country ranked here from #127 to #144, you will automatically* qualify for a “lamb” price of $239 USD by clicking the button above.

*The system will automatically detect your country and suggest the appropriate price.
(If you believe your country was identified incorrectly or you still can’t afford the price, kindly contact us here.)

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*IMPORTANT:  iOS App for iPhone/iPad is currently being developed and due for release by the end of this year.  We hope the Andoid App will follow later if technologically feasible.  For updates, simply e-mail us here:

We are pleased to make this price plan for The Discovery Bible software available for a limited time and hope everyone feels their purchase is highly valued by this ministry.  Thank you for your support and for making way for others to give through your purchase (2 Cor 9:6-15)!

The Discovery Bible is a non-profit labor-of-love and all purchases go back into the ministry for ongoing development and releasing The Discovery Bible on mobile devices, in print, etc.  This is a tool like no other and took 40 years to put together with self-supporting staff.  We believe The Discovery Bible represents amazing value for the money.  However, if you are still genuinely unable to afford the software, please click the button below to contact us.

What are lifelong benefits of using The Discovery Bible software?

1. Read the Bible that speaks Greek and Hebrew in plain English.
2. Understand in English what was Greek or Hebrew to you before.
3. Comprehend the OT and NT like a scholar.
4. Discover the fuller meaning of the original text without learning or memorizing one word of Greek or Hebrew.
5. Focus on making insights from the original languages, applicable for everyday people.
6. See the Scriptures in three dimensions (3-D): Word Studies, Word Emphasis and Verb Symbols.
7. Get more from your personal Bible reading than ever before, in less time.
8. Prepare for sermons, lessons, Bible studies etc. more easily with greater precision and power.

Demos of The Discovery Bible Software

Key features of The Discovery Bible software

Some of the following features are presented in the demo video above:

1. A very practical and devotional 7,000 page OT/NT lexicon, also leafing in or alluding to 1,000 reference works
2. Flagging all “beyond translation” action-picture verbs with easy-to-understand explanations and examples (Hebrew and Greek)
3. Color-highlighting all occasions of emphatic word order of the original text (OT/NT)
4. Englishman’s Concordance for the NASB OT & NT
5. New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance (NASEC Dictionary)
6. Bible Concordance for NASB and KJV
7. Greek Interlinear with parsing tag
8. Hebrew Interlinear with parsing tag
9. Flagging all long-range prophecies in the Old and New Testament (NEW TAB: prophecy)
10. Key OT and NT theological terms defined and expanded with devotional applications for discipleship (NEW TAB: word index)
11. More than a dozen commentary sets (interactive with Bible text): Ellicott, Pulpit, Cambridge, Barnes, Keil-Delitzsch, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown, Lange, etc.
12. Topical Index, etc.

Testimonial Videos

The Discovery Bible with HELPS Mentoring Program

Take your software experience to the next level by contacting us for online tutoring sessions with specific Scripture texts in The Discovery Bible software, designed to equip individuals to fulfill the teaching-leg of the Great Commission (Mt 28:19-20).

Our heart is best reflected in this verse, “I have absolutely no greater joy than these things, so that I can constantly hear of my children walking in the truth.” (3 Jn 1:4, original emphasis in bold) — …the fuller truth (Jn 16:13).  We are very excited to serve you by enabling you to open up more in God’s Word.

For more details or to register, please email us:

More about The Discovery Bible

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