The Discovery Bible Background

The Discovery Bible began in 1976 when Dr. Gleason Archer (consulting editor) and Dr. Gary Hill (general editor) teamed up in a life-long partnership to produce biblical resources.  After 11 years of work, they released The Discovery Bible New Testament (1987, Moody Publishers, Chicago), which quickly became a best-seller.  By overlaying an NASB with emphasis and Greek verb tense markers, The Discovery Bible New Testament enabled people with no Greek background to come to a greater understanding of the Scriptures.


In the following years, Dr. Archer and Dr. Hill produced an expansive OT and NT grammar, devotional-lexicon called the HELPS Word-studies, Bible Encyclopedia, and the HELPS Commentary series.  These materials were “refined in the fire” of daily ministry and world missions and continue to have a profound impact on believers all over the world.




Dr. Gary Hill – Consulting Editor

Gary Hill, cum laude (B.S.) in education from Chicago State University, pursued graduate theological studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS/TIU 1972-73).  In 1990 he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree (Litt.D.) in recognition of his work in biblical Hebrew and Greek embodied in the best-selling study Bible, The Discovery Bible New Testament.  Dr. Hill also planted and pastored three local churches in the Chicago area and has conducted seminars in hundreds of cities, in a dozen countries — teaching “original-language institutes” for accelerated Bible reading.  He now leads HELPS Ministries in the production of The Discovery Bible and directs the Discovery Training course for pastors and teachers in developing countries.  Dr. Hill and his wife Joan live near Chicago, IL.

Gleason Archer

Dr. Gleason Archer (May 22, 1916 – April 27, 2004) – Consulting Editor

Dr. Archer (Ph.D, Harvard, comparative linguistics) was an internationally-respected leader in Biblical theology.  Dr. Archer served as a chief translator of the New American Standard Bible, a full-term translator of the New International Version, and contributed OT sections to The Berkeley Version.   He was known for his firm belief in the full authority and inerrancy of Scripture and his gift of languages (he learned 30 languages).  Most importantly, Dr. Archer was unwavering in his commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  His love for the Scriptures is perhaps best remembered by his Bible reading schedule – done daily in 18 different languages on a rotating basis!

Dr. Archer had an extensive publishing career.  The titles of his published books, monographs, and articles span eight pages.  His books include: Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, Survey of OT Introduction, and Theological Wordbook of the OT.


Key Staff


Joan HillOrganizing editor

Joan Hill works full-time with HELPS Ministries, Inc. doing editorial work and correspondence.  She pursued theological studies at Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) and worked for 29 years as an RN.

Bringing a fruitful background in missions and ministry, her desire is to share practical Bible teaching on relevant issues, especially to women.

Jeanne DeYoung




Jeanne DeYoung – Data manager

Jeanne DeYoung has faithfully served on the HELPS/Discovery Bible project since 1989 (28 years full-time), seeing it through its many stages as chief data and transcription manager.  Her contributions have been invaluable … so the best way to describe this untiring worker and faithful friend is: simply indispensable.









David Moore

David Moore is a talented computer programmer who is currently working on developing the existing Discovery Bible software. We have many plans to extend the system and many features to implement, with integration of the Old Testament being a key priority.



Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen





Dr. Ulrik Sandborg-PetersenDigital architect, designer, and developer

Dr. Sandborg-Petersen is the creator of EMDROS, a cutting-edge text engine that is at the heart of The Discovery Bible digital edition.  Emdros effortlessly brings over 200,000 points of meaningful interactivity to The Discovery Bible program.

This digital project would not have happened apart from Ulrik’s computational wizardy and untiring commitment to the Great Commission (Mt 28:19-20).  The danger is hardly saying too much about his skills and character, but rather too little.

Please see emergence.dk for information about the benefits Emdros can have for your ministry or enterprise.









Geoff Woodcock

Geoff is designing The Discovery Bible to work on tablets. He is also working with the team on the print edition project and helping to create a fundraising strategy. Geoff has a love of the Scriptures and has written several Bible study series which are available for free download at www.onewithchrist.org.