Bible Discovery

Welcome! You have been invited to join our Bible Discovery communities to learn God’s word in fellowship with one another. The primary tool Bible Discovery registrants will be using is The Discovery Bible (TDB) Software. Therefore regular access to a computer/laptop or Windows-tablet is strongly recommended.


We are delighted to offer full and personal attention to our Bible Discovery participants, knowing that the need for penetrating discipleship and exegetical/hermeneutical training is always urgent.


We are a Bible teaching ministry first and a software company only second.  We have served the Lord Jesus Christ as an organization for the past 40 years and look very forward to helping you get more out of God’s word!


With a modest Bible Discovery registration fee you will have uninterrupted access to The Discovery Bible (TDB) Software [OT + NT, valued at $870 (USD)] during the covered registration period. In addition, our hope (not guaranteed) is to regularly offer free resources while you are registered such as:
  1. Online Training & Webinars
  2. Future Theological Certification (See video)
  3. Pulpit Helps & Devotionals
  4. Priority Invitations to Seminars & Conferences
  5. and more!