The Discovery Bible for Every Nation


This is a global opportunity for Bible readers in every nation to get more from the word of God!

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

We are delighted to share a high-quality, easy-to-understand original language resource with you, called The Discovery Bible. This software was designed to equip local churches for disciple-making and pastoral training. You will be able to safely apply insights from the original text without having to learn a single letter of Greek or Hebrew! It will literally transform theological education across your country (click here for what people are saying)!

We help local churches and ministries around the world to get more from the word of God as they learn to appreciate the Bible Jesus read and wrote. This project began as a best-seller study Bible by Moody Publishers (The Discovery Bible New Testament, 1987). We are a disciple-making ministry first and exist to fulfill the teaching-leg of the Great Commission as people see more than ever when they look beneath their Bible translation! We are not here to take advantage of people with sales, but generously train and share with those called to serve in any leadership capacity within a local church (click here to read more).

Below is a 90-second, informal demo…

This is the software used for training, sign up below and you will be able to download The Discovery Bible right away!

Once you have had a chance to try the software, we hope to discuss the following opportunity with you and send you a complimentary license so you can use it beyond the free trial period! 🙂

To get the most out of the experience, we have listed a few ideas below. We strongly recommend to initially start with those who understand English, have a laptop or PC and are already motivated to delve into God’s word. We would expect this to create some momentum for parts of this tool to be made available in the language of your country (region). Obviously, feel free to suggest other ideas or modify the ones proposed here. This will give us guidance.


There is much more in the original text than apparent in Bible translations!

  • Participants enter a new world of discovery in this innovative, computer-interactive Bible study. They are rewarded with sponsorship for this Bible software, which includes updated features and additional content far beyond The Discovery Bible New Testament (Moody Publishers) and quickly learn how to peel back layers of meaning of the sacred originals — without having to even learn the Hebrew or Greek alphabets! The class can be topical or geared to a speic book of the Bible. Topical probably works a little better initially but it is up to you. Click here for a suggestion of 12 classes. This is a unique offering that maximizes our strength: using software that is highly interactive and fresh. (The “laptop Bible study” is working very well at another church we are helping.)
  • Participants could get the software in advance by contacting us. This would give them a head-start and develop momentum for the class if you think it’s a good idea.
  • Participants who are proven in ministry are put forward by you for multiplication (see 2 Tim 2:2).
  • For more, please check out:

We hope to do much more – to the glory of God if you see an opportunity here! 🙂

The Discovery Bible Team

Currently in Manila (Unnamed for security)

He is equipped and empowered to share free software and be a blessing to the pastors and churches throughout the Philippines. Click here to read more about him (since 2012 he has been under the exacting tutelage of Dr. Gary Hill shown below).


Dr. Gary Hill, President

Click here for a personal letter of introduction from Dr. Gary Hill who (with Dr. Gleason Archer) co-edited The Discovery Bible NT (Moody Publishers, Chicago) – a best-seller study Bible sharing tens of thousands of Greek insights instantly available to every reader anywhere!