How You Can Help

This groundbreaking, global outreach – teaching original languages with interactive software so EVERYONE can participate – requires hiring additional programmers, videographers etc. Currently we are all volunteers and our team is very small, but we have a big vision that we believe is from God and we are giving it our all.

[H.E.L.P.S. Ministries Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation in good standing for over 20 years in the state of Illinois. If you require a tax invoice receipt, please send a check to: HELPS Ministries, Inc. — 29W518 Cerny Circle — Warrenville, IL 60555]

How Your Donation Will Make A Difference…

Over 40 years ago, Drs. Gary Hill and Gleason Archer began a project to unlock the richness of Scripture that is found in the original language texts. Their vision was to bless the body of Christ by enabling anyone, regardless of language or education, to access insights into Scripture that were previously only enjoyed by scholars and students.

Coming into the digital age, the vision has now grown significantly. The Discovery Bible team is now preparing a two-year online learning course that will enable students to use The Discovery Bible to come to a high level of functional understanding of Greek and Hebrew. This course is being designed especially for students and leaders in developing countries, and is not just focused on education but on applied learning. We believe that God has given us His word, not just so that we can know His truth, but so that we can live His truth. Our goal is to establish online learning centers in countries all over the world and to see many ministries launched, and many believers grow more in th God through His word.

We are also making plans to release The Discovery Bible on tablets and smartphones. This is an essential step for us to get the Discovery Bible into Africa, Asia and South America. As tablets and smartphones drop in price we will see them being used in greater numbers in developing countries. If we are to reach people in these areas, we need to have The Discovery Bible available at low cost for these devices. The Discovery Bible project (HELPS Ministries, Inc.) has already given $2 million of product since last summer, but would like to extend its reach.

We realize that to effectively reach many of these nations we need to have The Discovery Bible working with different languages and the word study materials translated. We are currently working with people to produce a Spanish Discovery Bible, but we also have a burden to bring many other languages into the Discovery system, including Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Swahili, and more.

In summary, the key goals we are working towards are:

  • Make The Discovery Bible available on a mobile-friendly platform so countries all over the world can benefit with maximum-coverage distribution
  • On-site certifications/online curriculum for Bible colleges and seminaries around the world, especially Majority World countries
  • Create an online application for mapping foreign-language Bible translations to the HELPS reading system in The Discovery Bible
  • Produce The Discovery Bible print edition
  • Further development of the Old and New Testament downloadable edition for Mac and PC
  • Create a repository for digital resources
  • Integrate our $1 million graphics collection from the last 25 years, to illustrate Bible history and grammar in The Discovery Bible for digital and print distribution worldwide. This is especiartant for theological education in Majority World countries, where visual aids are greatly needed.

IMPORTANT:  If you require a tax invoice receipt, please send a check to: HELPS Ministries, Inc. — 29W518 Cerny Circle — Warrenville, IL 60555