Scripture is the written expression of the nature of God and as such there is great treasure to be found in His words.  If we are to experience the full spiritual riches of the Word we need to know how to dig a little so we can get to the treasure.  The Discovery Bible with HELPS software has been written to make it easy to get to the treasure of the Word.  The HELPS system has the following unique features:

Each of these features significantly contributes to the understanding of Scripture.  However these aspects have been locked away in the Greek and Hebrew texts, and only made known to people who have learned the original languages.  The Discovery Bible with HELPS software allows anyone to discover the original emphasis, golden concept words, and verb tenses by overlaying the English text with special symbols, then connecting those symbols with detailed explanations.



Like most languages, Greek and Hebrew use emphasis to focus our attention and add more meaning to a statement.  Use of emphasis adds intensity and clarity to the Scriptures.  So when Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” He emphasized “I” to stress that no one else is the truth and life … ONLY Him!  Emphasis lets us hear how the words of Scripture were spoken and feel the drama.  However the emphasis of Scripture is not expressed in any modern Bible translil now.

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 Bible Words

Scripture has many words not always easily translated into other languages.  If we are to come to a more complete understanding of these words we need quality Greek and Hebrew word studies.  For example, taking a closer look at the word “repentance” (Greek metanoia) shows it means more than seeking forgiveness; it means a lasting change of heart and mind that leads to a lasting change of behavior.  The Discovery Bible includes in-depth word studies on over 2000 key Bible words.

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 Action Words (Verbs)

Scripture uses certain Greek and Hebrew verb tenses (or action words) to add meaning which is often lost when translated to other languages.  For example, the Greek present tense describes an ongoing or habitual action.  So when Scripture calls people to be “filled with the Spirit” the Greek present tense calls us to be constantly filled with the Spirit.  Such verb tenses help us discover new richness in Scripture and better understand the practical application of God’s Word.  In the past, the ability to discover and understand these Greek and Hebrew verb tenses has been limited to those who can read the Bible in the original languages.  Now through The Discovery Bible it is available to anyone, regardless of language or learning.

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