Lessons to Get Started…

Introductory Lesson: Psalm 23

Introductory Lesson: 1 John 1

Please click on the link above for the introductory lesson.


As soon as we register a group of students who successfully complete the introductory lesson, we will launch the following series (one per week).

  • Lesson 1: Overview of 3-D Bible Reading
  • Lesson 2: Emphasis
  • Lesson 3: Word Studies
  • Lesson 4: Word Studies
  • Lesson 5: Action Images (NT): Present and Aorist
  • Lesson 6: Action Images (NT): Perfect and Imperfect
  • Lesson 7: Action Images (OT): Perfect and Imperfect
  • Lesson 8: Action Images (OT): Hiphil and Piel