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Would you like to be able to read the Bible through Hebrew and Greek eyes?

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Even after 14 days you will keep the books of 1 John & Psalms with many of The Discovery Bible reading features.

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This partnership between and HELPS Ministries Inc. (producers of The Discovery Bible) is made at a deep 70% discount (saving you $700 USD) on the regular price for a personal license of The Discovery Bible software!  Thank you for seizing this opportunity while you can!

The Discovery Bible is a non-profit labor-of-love and all sales go back into the ministry for ongoing development and releasing The Discovery Bible on mobile devices, in print etc.  This is a tool like no other and took us 40 years to put together with self-supporting staff.  We believe The Discovery Bible represents amazing value for the money.

Read the Bible Yeshua read and fulfilled . . .

We would like to make you aware of an important study tool to open more of the fuller meanings of the original text of the Tanakh and Greek New Testament for yourself, without having to spend many years memorizing Hebrew and Greek. You will be able to read the Bible like a Bible translator from Day One, through Hebrew and Greek eyes.

It’s called The Discovery Bible … a best seller for Moody Publishers (New Testament) … now available as a download for your computer or laptop, for Windows and Mac.

This lightning fast interactive tool includes a 7,000 page Hebrew-English & Greek-English devotional lexicon, drawing on 1,000 reference works. It retails for $1000 and includes commentaries worth $1000 besides. 

Click the button above to see endorsements from leading Christian figures such as J. I. Packer, Grant Osborne Walter Kaiser, Eugene Merrill, etc.

What are lifelong benefits of using The Discovery Bible software?

1. Read the Bible that speaks Greek/Hebrew in plain English.
2. Understand in English what was Grk/Heb to you before.
3. Understand the OT/NT like a scholar.
4. Discover the fuller meaning of the original text without learning or memorizing one word of Greek or Hebrew.
5. Focus on making insights from the original languages available for everyday people.
6. See the Scriptures in three dimensions (3-D): Word Studies, Word Emphasis and Verb Symbols.
7. Get more from your personal Bible reading than ever before, in less time.
8. Prepare for sermons, lessons, Bible studies etc. more easily with greater precision and power.

Demos of The Discovery Bible Software

Key features of The Discovery Bible software

Some of the following features are presented in the demo video above:

1. A very practical and devotional 7,000 page OT/NT lexicon, also leafing in or alluding to 1,000 reference works;
2. Flagging all “beyond translation” action-picture verbs with easy-to-understand explanations and examples (Hebrew and Greek);
3. Color-highlighting all occasions of emphatic word order of the original text (OT/NT);
4. Englishman’s Concordance for the NASB OT & NT;
5. New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance (NASEC Dictionary)
6. Bible Concordance for NASB and KJV;
7. Greek Interlinear with parsing tag;
8. Hebrew Interlinear with parsing tag;
9. Flagging all long-range prophecies in the Old and New Testament (NEW TAB: prophecy);
10. Key OT and NT theological terms defined and expanded with devotional applications for discipleship (NEW TAB: word index)
11. More than a dozen commentary sets (interactive with Bible text): Ellicott, Pulpit, Cambridge, Barnes, Keil-Delitzsch, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown, Lange etc.;
12. Topical Index, etc.

Testimonial Videos

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