ATTENTION: We would like to minister to everyone who visits us and completes registration to download the software. We want no registrant to miss out on seeing MORE in God’s word than ever before! How? By helping YOU to catch over 100,000 insights from the sacred originals without ever needing to memorize a single word of Greek or Hebrew! The prices below apply to residents of North America, Australia & NZ, parts of Europe and Asia. Pricing for residents of Majority World countries in continents like Africa will be made available after registration when requested. 

The Word of God is our passion and we pray The Discovery Bible will help you to grow in your passion for God’s Word as well.  May God use it to open up His Word in wonderful new ways and shine light on the brilliance of His glory within the Scriptures.


Key Features in The Discovery Bible (Full Edition)

Some of the following features are presented in the video above:

  1. A 7,000 page OT/NT devotional lexicon, also leafing in or alluding to 1,000 reference works;
  2. Flagging all “beyond translation” action-picture verbs with easy-to-understand explanations and examples (Hebrew and Greek);
  3. Color-highlighting all occasions of emphatic word order of the original text (OT/NT);
  4. NT Englishman’s Concordance;
  5. New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance (NASEC Dictionary)
  6. Bible Concordance for NASB and KJV
  7. Greek Interlinear with parsing tag;
  8. Hebrew sing tag;
  9. Flagging all long-range prophecies in the Old and New Testament (NEW TAB: prophecy);
  10. Key OT and NT theological terms defined and expanded with devotional applications for discipleship (NEW TAB: word index)
  11. More than a dozen commentary sets (interactive with Bible text): Cambridge, Barnes, Ellicott, Keil-Delitzsch, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown;
  12. Topical Index, etc.



The Discovery Bible has undergone a major upgrade with a brand-new interface.

Prices include free updates (for the purchased edition) as they become available.


BEST OFFER: The 3-year Bible-Discovery Plan

This is a flexible plan to join our Bible-Discovery learning community with all year round access to the [Full] New Testament + Old Testament (valued at $870 USD):

$199/year for permanent license in 3 years

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Bible-Discovery participants will enjoy all year round access to the full edition of The Discovery Bible OT+NT on Windows or Mac computers, which automatically renews for up to three years. At the end of the third year, a permanent license to the full edition of The Discovery Bible OT+NT will be issued. This 3-year plan can be cancelled upon request if Bible-Discovery participants do not wish to renew for a second or third year (cancellation must be requested at least 30 days BEFORE automatic renewal). The good news is that Bible-Discovery participants will not lose the Bible Discovery Rewards they accrued each year, if they cancel!

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Installment Plans

Installment options for the [Full] New Testament + Old Testament:

$75/month for 12 months

$39/month for 24 months

For any of the 12-, or 24-month installment options above, a license will be provided for the entire duration of the installment period and once the last installment on the final month has been paid, a permanent license will be issued. (Installments are non-refundable and cannot be interrupted or cancelled.)

Pay in Installments


One-time Purchase

Here are the list prices for full editions of The Discovery Bible:

$870 New Testament + Old Testament (see above for installment plans)

$349 New Testament (Old Testament can be added later upon upgrade)

Pay in One Go
The Discovery Bible is a non-profit labor-of-love and all sales go back into the ministry for ongoing development and releasing The Discovery Bible on mobile devices, in print etc.  This is a tool like no other and took us 40 years to put together with self-supporting staff. We believe The Discovery Bible represents amazing value for the money, however, if you are genuinely unable to afford the software, please contact us and we can arrange sponsorship for you.

Blessings from The Discovery Bible Team.