Hallelujah! After 40 years of uninterrupted work, we officially launched the full Discovery Bible Software including the Older Testament for the first time in August 2016! We would love to train you through webinars to better apply The Discovery Bible content in your ministry.

We are also glad to offer flexible pricing options for TDB software editions, beyond what you see on our purchase page to make this resource accessible to as many as possible.1

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  1. We believe that these prices are amazing value for money considering that we save users $10,000 of tuition fees on their first day of reading the Scriptures through Greek and Hebrew eyes, not to mention all that is involved to be able to get to this point and keep going! But we will not turn anyone away who needs this tool to fulfill their God-given ministry to the Body of Christ if they are genuinely unable to afford these prices. You must register first.